Molly Tuttle, Bluegrass Guitarist

Molly Tuttle was recently awarded International Bluegrass Guitar Player of the year

3/23/20231 min read

Moly Tuttle Jams with Bronwyn of Golden Highways
Moly Tuttle Jams with Bronwyn of Golden Highways

Molly Tuttle Wins Impressive Bluegrass Award

As a teenager, I used to discover new musical talents, when their LP albums would appear at the local music store. Things have definitely changed today, for at present, Youtube seems to be the best venue for finding about new upcoming musicians. As regards to Molly Tuttle, I stumbled across her rendition of Gentle On My Mind, and ever since that special moment, I have followed whatever she has decided to put up on the popular internet platform.

Pictured above, she is seen playing intently with Bronwyn Keith-Hynes, who is a member of Golden Highway. Below is a different performance with the same back-up band and an obvious reminder as to why Molly recently received the prestigious award. By the way, things have gotten even better for Molly, as she recently picked up Best New Artist at the '23 Grammy's.

Molly was born in 1993 in California. Due to a talented musical father, Molly was exposed to bluegrass style of music at a very young age and as the years have progressed, she seems to possess the natural talent for the guitar. Molly plays in a clawhammer and flatpicking style. In the video below, she delves deeper into her guitar playing styles and what they mean to her. The video is almost twenty minutes long, but nonetheless, it gives a good insight into the making of a bluegrass artist, who is also a talented vocalist, as well.