Sign of the Times: Beavers Use Trash

Beavers incorporate human trash into their dam.

5/1/20231 min read

Sunday is my day leisure. In other words, a time to do absolutely nothing. Great words, but in fact, the first day of week is really my catch-up day. Catch-up on sleep, catch-up on cleaning, catch-up on internet activities, catch-up with the folks back home. Anyhow, I think everyone gets the picture, Sunday is kind of a free day to do what you want or what you need.

Yesterday was a nice day here in Colorado. The cold and wet weather, which had plagued us mid week, had finally left and now our nearest star was beaming its rays to our planet, warming up the planet and giving me a good excuse to go outside and get some exercise. For me, that meant nothing more than stepping out the back door of my apartment complex, where a sizeable stream and bike path run.

There was even a beaver dam to view. The pile of sticks was located about a mile upstream form my comfortable abode. Right away, I couldn't help but notice the obvious, the dam was full of garbage. Not only along the top edge where water spills over the top, but the collection of human discardables were woven all through the main body of the dam.

I'm still not sure if all the plastic bottles, food containers etc. were put there on purpose by the hairy rodents or whether all the plastic waste just collected during the construction phase of the dam. From my observation point, I tend to lead towards the former theory (the beavers put the trash in the dam), Either way, this scene says about our current throwaway society. At least, one resident of our planet is finding a way to use our excuse.

P.S. I know this is a departure from my music/pop culture posts, but I felt like this was something that need to be said.

Observations from a Sunday Walk