The Spirtual Side of Mongolian Music

Not all of Mongolian music is "rage at the machine". Some of the musical efforts are very respectful to the beauty of our natural world.

4/2/20242 min read

Mongolia is home to vast grasslands and numerous mountain ranges.

The Spiritual Side of Mongolian Music

In case you haven't noticed, Mongolian metal-folk bands are making waves on the World Music Scene. Mongolian music is a lot more than just hard metal riffs mixed in with over-zealous stage antics that seem strangely reminiscent of late 20th century American hard metal rockers. To catch a glimpse, of this style, you can view the wildly entertaining choreographics of Uuhai, as they make a studio recrding.

However, if you want to check up on the other big group of Mongol rockers, then you will want to spend some time with the Hu. If this clip looks vaguely familiar, it is because this piece comes from the 2021 horror movie, The Retaliators. The Hu have been around a lot longer than Uuhai and along the way they have compiled an impressive list of joint efforts, performing with such American musicians as Lzzy Hale of Halestorm and Jacoby Haddix of Papa Roach.

Despite all the powerful stage antics, impassioned vocals and driving rhythms, there is a reflective and contemplative side to the Hu and Mongolian music in general.Check out the Hu's song, Mother Nature, which is featured below complete with English subtitles.

Gobi by Boerte

Back in 2004, National Geographic helped in sponsoring a docudrama about life in the Gobi. The film was titled, The Story of the Weeping Camel and it garnered an Oscar nomination for best docementary, but alas no award. The Mongolian band, Boerte, wrote the sound track for the movie. Here is a condensed four minute version of the music score, complete with scenes from the Gobi land in Mongolia. This song could easily be called, Mother, as the Mongolian verbal equivalent is repeated over and over in the video.

The Altai Band

This dramatic Altai Mountain scene might conjure up memories of the opening number from the Sound of Music.

The Altai Mountains are a place where four countries meet.
The Altai Mountains are a place where four countries meet.

The Altai Mountains are a strange place on this planet, where, Russia, China, Mongolia and Kazakhstan meet. If you approach these towering snow-capped peaks from the south, you are probably situated in the grassy steppes of Mongolia. In general, these rugged peaks have provided sanctuary and inspiration to the many different types of people, who live in the vicinity.

In Mongolia, there is the Altai Band, who with their straightforward handle, erase all doubts as to where they draw the creative spark for their music. Most interesting, is the fact that this band features several women within the ranks.