What Is Nini Music?

A young Taiwanes virtuoso entertains thousands of fans worldwide with her amazing musical talents.

4/16/20242 min read

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What Is Nini Music?

Actually, the question should read, "Who is Nini Music?", for Nini Music is the nom de plume of one very talented Taiwanese lady, whose real name remains hidden, for fear of deaths threats from the Mainland. What we do know is that Nini is a young women, who grew up in Taiwan at Yuanlin City in Changhua County. She went on to study music at Tainan National University of the Arts conservatory. After completing her courses there, Nini lit out on her own, gaining some notoriety, when she finished first in the 2020 Gamer's Got Talent Competion.

Since then, the talented woman has expanded her online visibility with many YouTube releases. Featured below is Nini playing the Flight of the Bumblebee on the Zhongruan, a traditional Chinese instrument. This number illustrates Nini's traditional Classical training, as well as her ability to adapt diverse musical styles to traditional Chinese instruments. Overall, Nini plays the traditional Chinese zhongruan, liuqin, sanxian, yueqin, and pipa, as well as the Western Irish banjo and ukulele.

More About the Music of Nini

Recently, in 2021, Nini encountered much resistance and even some death threats, when she displayed a large Taiwanese flag in the background of one of her musical livestream events. The threats were easily traced to Mainland China, where identification and prosecution of the perpetrators is all but impossible. Still, Nini plays on, often accompanied by prominent Western or Asian musicians. Today, she tightly protects her legal name and hopefully (but not likely) the threatened violence will soon fade away. Meanwhile, Nini still tours the West, where her fan base can go and hear her extraordinary musical talents.

Nini has done many excellent covers of popular Western songs. This list includes such all-time classics, as "Sound of Silence", "Paint It Black", "Beat It", "Thunderstruck", "Crazy Train" and "Amazing Grace". She has also worked with many contemporary and mainstream musicians. Just as often she performs with her own backup band. Not much is known about the recent group of backup musicians, featured on HUYAO, except that the male singer is named Jesse and the band is called the Nini Band. Here they are below, performing, HUYAO, which is best described as some kind of Chinese fox demon. The song was just released in January and has garnered much interest online.